Tips to cleaning the dull of floor ceramics

Tips on cleaning the dull floor ceramics
Tiled floors have become the most commonly used items of the day as a place to live and perform daily activities. Have you ever noticed that ceramic floors are getting boring?

Sometimes we do not realize that the activities we often do will make an impact on the condition of the ceramic floor and make the ceramic floor fade. This is because some floors of ceramic causes fade rapidly perhaps due to the remaining stains on the floor, not routine cleaning of floors and the use of harsh chemical fluids on the surface of the floor. Some of these things will be very influential on the color and texture of ceramic floor surfaces. 

The boring floor will surely interfere with our view at home and make the atmosphere of the house become look not fresh anymore. To solve the problem of dull floor ceramics do the following:

  • Clean the floor using baking soda

Baking soda often we use as one of the pastry making materials at home, but in addition can be used to clean the road floor quite easily, just sprinkle baking soda powder to the floor then spray some water, then wipe with Washcloth or mop the floor. 

  • Clean with vinegar

As with baking soda, vinegar is one of the groceries we often face, but it can also be used to clean up the boring ceramic floors. 

How to pour vinegar half a small cup, then combine it with a bucket of water and use it to mop the floor, also can be added with orange juice to make the maximum to clean the floor. 

  • Tea

It still relates to the materials we often encounter at home that we can use to clean and maintain ceramic floors. One of the ingredients you can use is tea. Does it get to clean the ceramic floor that starts boring?. 

The answer can be. The easy way that can be done is to brew the tea then let stand until cool then the cold tea is used to clean the floor with a soft cloth to clean the stains and dust attached to the floor. 

Having a floor that is always glittering certainly becomes the desire of every homeowner but what power if the floor is more dull of time, with the above tips can hopefully be a new way to keep the ceramic floor to stay clean and shiny for a more comfortable home. 

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