KERAMIKA 2020 Ke - 9 Edisi Spesial Industri Keramik ASEAN

Keramika 2020 become the most awaited event for the business people of ceramic industry in Indonesia and not only Indonesian ceramic entrepreneurs who participated in this event. However, many ceramic businessman from friends like Vitenam, India, China and Italy participated in the event.

Keramika 2020 returns to the ninth edition and becomes a marketplace for the ceramics industry in ASEAN and is gathered in the largest ceramic producing country and one of the largest consumer in the world, Indonesia. 

In the ninth edition of Keramika 2020 will be an event for the business of ceramics especially Indonesia to demonstrate the quality, the latest technology of the ceramic industry and still the latest products. In performance of Keramika 2020 PT. Sun Power Ceramics also participated to show products with newest motifs and Best quality .

The event will be held at the Jakarta Convertion Center which began on 19-22 March 2020, this will be proof for all Indonesian ceramic industry worth competing with the world's ceramic products.